Case Studies

How some of our customers use our services.

The remote editing feature of Apace MAM played a vital role in keeping media production going at a hospital chain during the Covid-19 pandemic

A large hospital chain leveraged the remote editing and Channels features of their Apace MAM to keep their media production going and to avoid any downtime despite many working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, an event that no one anticipated or could have predicted.

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An archivist company deploys postMAM in their Microsoft Azure’s cloud environment

An archivist company of physical and digital objects deployed our media asset management sofware called PostMAM in their Microsoft Azure cloud environment to manage their customer's digital assets to further add value to their archiving services.

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A sports and entertainment company uses various Apace products to meet the demands of their video production team

The Channels feature of the MAM streamlined the content delivery workflow from their 1000 plus media production afficiliates.

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